Schirmang Law Practice

Welcome to the website for the Schirmang Law Practice, now associated with Cornetet, Meyer, Rush & Stapleton, L.P.A. to provide greater scope of services through a modern and efficient law firm platform.

Old School Service. New School Feel

The legal industry is evolving fast to meet the demands of the digital era. We keep pace without sacrificing the core characteristics of successful client service: personal attention, responsiveness, and the patience to listen with authenticity.

We provide advice and services that are tailored to the scope and complexity of your situation.  We help you achieve success by making sure your circumstances and goals are accurately measured, and building out a custom fit solution. 

Primary Practice Areas

Business Formation

We help clients throughout all stages of business formation, from entity selection and planning, to administrative and procedural tasks, to substantive business building. It’s hard to build a solid business on a weak or absent foundation. Failure to pay attention early can cause tremdnous headaches later. 

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (“IP”) including trademarks, copyrights, and proprietary information, is essential for businesses of all sizes. Let us help you develop, manage, and protect these assets. From branding to functional innovation to proprietary trade knowledge, we advise clients on the most practical way to build, leverage and protect your IP. 

Commercial agreements

Commercial agreements come in many flavors to meet the needs of clients across many industries. We draft, review, and negotiate all types of business contracts for our clients. For ‘Mom and Pop’ operators we can simplify the legalese, giving clients greater control and making the document more efficient. For sophisticated clients that need their contracts to reflect the latest in statutory and case law guidance, we provide a sharp eye and detailed analysis. 

Real Property & Construction

We represent home owners, contractors, builders, and others with the various real estate and construction law matters. We also assist tenants and landlords with property leasing in both the residential and commercial spaces. Real estate transactions are technical and high consequence if something is overlooked. Let us help you avoid pitfalls with your real estate matter or building project. 

Gov’t & Regulatory Compliance

Small businesses face a complex web of government regulations, including labor, safety, environmental and others. We assist clients with the identification and execution of their compliance obligations.

Business Purchase & Sale

The purchase and sale of a business is always one of the most important transactions for the client. For sellers, we help with the earliest transition prep work, to deal drafting, closing and post-closing matters. For buyers, we help with due diligence, deal negotiation, financing, closing and post-closing business transition.

Importantly, we have the ability to appropriately scale our representation to the size of the deal. 

Need A Consultation?

We can help. Give us a call or send us a message* and we can provide quick and essential information to help you decide your next step. If our legal services are right for your circumstances, we will be two steps ahead on the path to a client engagement and tackling your legal matter. If not, we can point you in the right direction through a trusted referral provider.

*Please do not send highly confidential or sensitive information to us via the webform or email, and understand that no attorney-client relationship is formed until we agree to take on your matter. 

Office Locations

Main office – Springdale
123 Boggs Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45246
(513) 771-2444


Satellite – Hyde Park
2101 Grandin Road, Suite A
Cincinnati, OH 45208
(513) 672-6103


Let’s Work Together

This website is an advertisement for attorney services. The material and information provided is not intended to serve as legal advice. Please do not send confidential or sensitive information to us through this website. If your matter is time-senstive please contact the main office at (513) 771-2444.